Monday, February 6, 2017

Feel Sad ? Maybe these sites can make you laugh Everyday

Life is hard isn’t? Sometimes we feel so sad about a thing (or anything). Love, social life, job life, or maybe just a piece a chocolate can make us so sad. Sad is a normal thing from human emotion, but isn’t normal if we sad in every time of our life.

There’s many ways to get rid sad emotion. Talking to your friend about the problem that makes you sad is one simple way to make you little happier. But, in the most case we can’t describe why feel so sad or just we won’t talk about a sad thing to our friend. The solution (I think) is just getting some funny thing that can make us draw a little smile at our face.

In information era is so simple to get funny information to make us smile. Just go to your smart phone browser and go to some of the websites I described and then it (I hope) make you smile and forget a little bit of your sad emotion.
Here the websites list that you can try when you get a sad situation.


This is the biggest meme or joke content site in internet community over the globe. As their tagline “Bring/Spread the happiness”, they curated the contents that will make you laugh and some of it so informative. You can  also vote some post too, so the smile on your face is spread to another face. This is a must site you visit when you need a little fun.


You can get some informative news or new knowledge from this site. Little different from 9 gag that usually using media content to make you laugh, boredpanda very like to bait your smile from their writing content (and still lot a fun). Try it and you never regret it.


Yeah the biggest media sharing website is a lot of fun too!! But be careful don’t go to sad video section, Try to search in query like fluffy cat, funny thing, best fail, or something that sounds funny. In my sad time I’m always finding new funny video in this site.


Maybe changing your desktop or smart phone background to funny wallpaper is a good idea to make you feel happier every time you see it.  So this website can help you a lot, many funny wallpaper collection on this site that you can download for free.

Finally these are temporary list of funny website from me, I will update it (and I hope every day ican update it) when I see new websites that can make me get a rid from sad emotion. So, how about is any websites on the list can make you smile? Or you found other funny websites? Let me know it on comment section.
Hope I can feel your smile over the internet. Have fun !!

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